Technical Inspection Policy

Technical Inspector may use any means necessary to verify compliance of all elements, including Fuel, Tires and Engine components.

Karts are subject to technical inspection as presented to grid.

Engine, Fuel and Tires must be at ambient temperatures when presented to grid.

Competitors are responsible for all elements outside of Engine Seal.

Tire Treatments are strictly forbidden. Upon verification of tire treatment violation of any type, a twelve month suspension from all RMC, Regional, National and International events in United States will be imposed. Driver is responsible party. There is no appeal upon verification of violation.
Engine Identity Card requirements as described in Rotax Max Technical Regulations will be strictly enforced, no exceptions. Event Technical Director at his discretion may retain Identity Cards at time of declaration.

Crimping of seals is required and is a pre-tech inspection item. DEALERS ENCOURAGED TO HAVE NEW CRIMP CALIPERS # 276 110 AT TRACK TO SERVICE CUSTOMERS.

US Rotax Max Challenge National Technical Director