Competitors are required to compete on slick tires that are purchased from the Challenge of the Americas entry.  MicroMax, MiniMax and LO206 are limited to one set of four (4) slick tires per weekend.  Drivers in all other classes will use one new set each race day.

Mojo D2 tires are the spec tire for MicroMax, MiniMax, and Junior Max. Senior Max, Rotax Masters, Shifter Senior & Shifter Masters must run MaxOne Purple tires. Lo206 must run MaxOne Green tires. The spec rain tire for Rotax classes is the Mojo W2 rain tire. Shifter rain tires TBD. Lo2016 spec rain tire is TBD. Rain tires are the responsibility of the competitor. The series will not have a supply of rain tires for competitors.

Dry and Wet tires must be used as directional arrows indicate.

In CotA, tires must be new the first time a kart is presented for competition, except for LO206.  No “scuffed” tires allowed, except for LO206. No modification of tires, including tire treatments or heating, is allowed. The series technical staff may check tire temperatures before karts roll onto the track.

Senior Max and Junior Max must pick up their tires on the morning of each race day.  All other classes may pick up their tires beginning Friday afternoon.

Damaged tires may only be replaced at the discretion of the series Tech Director